Altana Atlas for


A footprint for every product

With Altana you can

  • Map the value chains of products from raw materials to finished goods

  • Surface and manage exposure to forced labor risk upstream

  • Integrate ESG data and analytics on a global map of your suppliers, facilities, and value chains

Product Value Chain Mapping

Map the flows of goods from raw materials through finished products across complex global supply chains, including:

  • Unifying global product data across different languages
  • Input-output mapping of goods across multiple tiers of transformation
  • Facility-to-facility mapping of value chains across multiple tiers
  • See the flows of products around the world

    Find and follow product flows in and across languages, brand names, and synonyms

  • Trace products all the way back to the soil

    Look deep into the upstream supply of goods to know where the raw materials are made

  • Map the footprint of production

    Link finished products to the physical locations that produced them along the value chain

Forced Labor Risk Detection

Screen for forced labor risk across the value chains of finished products through:

  • Screening against restricted and known-bad actors in upstream value chains
  • Tracking high-risk products from forced labor locations
  • Predicting forced labor risk at the shipment, product, company, and value chain level
  • Automate forced labor compliance screening

    Spend less time and money on compliance, and focus your efforts where they matter

  • Source with confidence

    Know what vendors and products you can trust

  • Demonstrate reasonable care to regulators

    Securely share Altana Atlas profiles of your products and value chains to help avoid fines and seizures

Sustainability Mapping and Reporting

Generate a 360° view of sustainability by unifying greenhouse gas, environmental impact, forced labor, and conflict minerals data onto a canonical map of your supply chain by:

  • Automatically fusing together third party data onto the value chain of each product
  • Modeling sustainability all the way back to the soil
  • Generating AI-powered sustainability ratings across multiple dimensions
  • Create a unified view of supply chain sustainability

    Bring together all of your supply chain sustainability information on top of a living map of your supply chain

  • Target and mitigate problems beyond your direct suppliers

    Get ahead of risks to your brand, reputation, and customers by seeing all the way upstream to where your products come from

  • Report to your investors and customers

    Credibly report on your sustainability performance to build trust that your business is making a positive world impact

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