Altana Atlas for

Supply Chain

A living map of the global supply chain

With Altana you can

  • See your extended supply chain network for the first time

  • Build supply chain resilience

  • Power your planning, procurement, risk management, and compliance efforts with a single source of truth on the supply chain network

Multi-Tier Value Chain Mapping

Connect your supply chain data to the Altana Atlas to:

Clean, de-duplicate, validate, and enrich your supply chain master data with Altana’s supply chain knowledge graph

Illuminate tier 2, tier 3 and n-tier suppliers for each product value chain

Connect to your systems of record to keep the enriched map of your supply chain up-to-date

  • Strengthen your data

    Clean, unified, and enriched data is the foundation for modern supply chain management

  • Know your suppliers' locations

    Map the flows of goods to and from physical locations, and not merely the corporate headquarters or billing addresses

  • Evolve your view as the world evolves

    See changes in your supply chain as the Atlas crunches billions of datapoints in real time

Supply Chain Planning Across Multiple Tiers

Incorporate sub-tier supplier relationships in supply chain planning and forecasting by:

Identifying and mapping critical dependencies across your multi-tiered supplier networks

Involving n-tier suppliers in your demand forecasts, planning, and capacity management

Surfacing alternative supplies to ensure continuity

  • Know what you don’t know

    Uncover hidden chokepoints and dependencies beyond your direct supplier relationships, deep into multi-tier value chains

  • Plan deeper and further

    Achieve alignment and visibility across your extended supply chain

  • Stay ahead of market shifts

    Leverage AI and global data to get ahead of disruptions and secure scare resources

Supply Chain Risk Management

Integrate all of your supply chain risk information into a unified view of risk on a living map of your extended supply chain, including:

Surfacing concentrations of risk and single points of failure

Tying risk alerts onto multi-tier, site-specific supplier networks

Integrating third-party data and analytics around climate, cyber, event, and regulatory risk onto your extended supply chain

  • Build supply chain resilience

    Identify and mitigate single points of failure, concentrations of risk, and regulatory disruptions across your extended supply chain

  • Eliminate noisy alerts

    Only monitor what matters by mapping your alerts to the true physical location of your suppliers and their suppliers

  • Gain a single window into risks across your supply chain

    Bring all of your supply chain data and analytics into a unified view of risk through automated data fusion and linking in the Atlas

AI-Enabled Supplier Management

Discover, monitor, and manage your suppliers with AI-powered decision support, including:

Supplier reliability ratings by trade history and network stability

Supplier compliance screening and monitoring

Recommendations of new suppliers or alternative suppliers to mitigate risks

  • Cultivate trusted relationships

    Measure supplier reliability and deepen relationships with trustworthy suppliers

  • Avoid risky business

    Surface high-risk behavior among your direct and indirect suppliers

  • Improve your supplier base

    Reduce costs, build resiliency, and reduce risks through suppliers recommended by the Atlas

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