Altana Atlas for

Security & Compliance

A guardian against supply chain threats

With Altana you can

  • A guardian against supply chain threats

  • A guardian against supply chain threats

  • A guardian against supply chain threats

Illicit Network Analysis

Power investigations of weapons proliferation, narcotics trafficking, trade-based money laundering, and counterfeiting by:

Automatically building the supply chain and ownership networks of investigative targets across billions of global data points

Searching and fusing data across multiple languages and scripts in order to analyze networks across jurisdictions

Targeting illicit activity in global supply chain networks through artificial intelligence

  • Illicit Network Analysis

    Reduce investigative timelines through automated entity resolution and network construction from large quantities of data

  • Illicit Network Analysis

    Gain an integrated view of transnational networks by automatically fusing data across different languages and data types

  • Illicit Network Analysis

    Generate high-confidence leads for further investigation through artificial intelligence

High-Risk Product Tracking

Track the flows of high-risk products around the world, from suppliers and consumers of dual-use goods, precursor materials, and controlled technologies, such as:

Semiconductors, antennas, and other high-tech equipment

Precursors and componentry for weapons of mass destruction and military equipment

Precursors and componentry for narcotics production

  • High-Risk Product Tracking

    Track products in a unified search across different languages, brand names, synonyms, and chemical numbers

  • High-Risk Product Tracking

    Follow the flows of products across multiple tiers of supply chain and customer relationships

  • High-Risk Product Tracking

    Surface hidden illicit behaviors and relationships of otherwise lawful commercial actors

AI-Powered Counterparty Screening

Automatically screen entities (and extended supply chain affiliations & ownership networks) against watchlists through:

Automated entity matching and resolution

Programmatic screening against multi-tier ownership and supply chain relationships

Ongoing monitoring and alerting for when bad actors enter an extended supply chain network

  • AI-Powered Counterparty Screening

    Al-based entity resolution and data linking reduce false positive/negative hits and help overcome the challenge of aliases and shell companies

  • AI-Powered Counterparty Screening

    Go beyond direct counterparty screening and see deep into extended networks - without doing more investigative work

  • AI-Powered Counterparty Screening

    Results include entity verification and risk assessment with confidence scores to expedite investigation.

Supply Chain Security Mapping and Monitoring

Gain a living, 360° view of supply chain security and compliance threats by:

Mapping sensitive value chains across multiple tiers of production

Integrating threat data and risk analytics to the map to create a complete view of supply chain security and compliance threats

Receiving ongoing monitoring and alerting as the supply chain evolves and threats evolve

  • Supply Chain Security Mapping and Monitoring

    The Altana Atlas is a canonical map of the global supply chain and business relationships

  • Supply Chain Security Mapping and Monitoring

    Integrate internal and third party data and analytics onto company, location, and product nodes in the graph to gain a customized, unified view of risk

  • Supply Chain Security Mapping and Monitoring

    The Atlas is constantly evolving as it regularly processes data from worldwide shipping, business registration, and other datasets

Examples of our solution in action

Modernized Border Targeting Using Altana AI

Case Study: Altana proves an AI approach can modernize border targeting for international narcotics trafficking.

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