Altana Atlas for

Global Trade

A brain for the border

With Altana you can
  • Automate manual repetitive tasks such as HS code classification, auditing, monitoring trade policy changes, and cleaning trade data.

  • See deeper into your supply chain with greater visibility into trade behavior than ever before.

  • Monitor, target, and report on trade compliance in real-time for every shipment, counterparty, and extended supply chain network

Automated HS Code Classifier

The Atlas automatically generates HS classifications from product master data and shipment data. The classifier returns the top HS code predictions with associated confidence scores while: 

  • Working across different languages and countries
  • Being robust to poor data quality
  • Continuously improving based on expert feedback
  • Unique training data

    Gain access to models that train on the largest, most comprehensive, and diverse public and private sector customs datasets in the world.

  • Scalable classification

    Plug into an all-you-can-classify, anywhere-to-anywhere classifier to support a fully automated or human-assisted approach.

  • Assignment or audit capability

    Assign HS classifications from scratch, or audit existing classifications, all from the same product.

Restricted Party Screening

The Altana Atlas screens entities across their extended ownership and supply chain relationships against global watchlists in order to:

  • Screen your customer’s customer
  • Screen your supplier’s supplier
  • Detect forced labor, military end-users, and other restricted networks deep in the supply chain of each shipper
  • Better than traditional screening

    Screen direct customers and suppliers as well as their extended supply chain affiliations and ownership networks. 

  • Multi-tier visibility

    Results include entity verification and risk assessment with confidence scores to expedite investigation. 

  • Reduce false positives and negatives

    Al-based entity resolution and data linking reduce false positive/negative hits and overcomes the challenge of aliases and shell companies.

Trusted Trade 2.0

The Altana Atlas revolutionizes trusted trader and AEO program compliance and reporting by providing a dynamic, real-time view of trade compliance for shipments, shippers, and their extended networks. This includes:

  • Real-time matching, mapping, and profiling of hundreds of millions of companies and their extended trade and ownership networks
  • AI-based trade compliance ratings 
  • Dynamic monitoring and mapping of global trade regulations and compliance requirements to trade lanes, shipments, and shippers
  • Reduce random sample auditing

    Focus audits on the highest risk shipments and counterparties through AI-based compliance risk scoring.

  • Demonstrate reasonable care at a lower cost

    Reduce surveys, audits, and due diligence visits through smart monitoring and reporting. 

  • Trust and be trusted through shared intelligence

    Connect to a shared source of truth and AI models trained across both government and private sector data to automate trade trusted trader reporting and preclearance programs.

Trusted Shipment Ratings

The Altana Atlas empowers customs authorities and logistics providers to pre-clear and accelerates the flows of lawful trade while filtering out non-compliant shipments — all in real-time — through: 

  • Predicting revenue evasion, security threats, contraband, and other illicit activity
  • Identifying safe, compliant, and reliable shippers and shipments
  • Continuously learning from global shipment, customs, and enforcement data
  • Facilitate legit trade

    Process customs filings and semi-structured manifest data in real-time to validate compliance and accelerate clearance of lawful shipments.

  • Dramatically boost revenue capture

    Identify & quantify cross-border fiscal risks including misclassification, undervaluation, transshipment, and misdeclared origin - all in real-time. 

  • Automatically adapt to changing threats

    Connect to a living, breathing model of global trade and ownership networks to automatically adapt to shell companies, changing trade routes, and changes in adversarial behavior.

Examples of the Altana Atlas in global trade

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