The Platform for Trusted Commerce

The shared source of truth on the global supply chain

Shared Intelligence Without Data Sharing

We bring our platform to your data — not the other way around. You connect to a dynamic network model of the supply chain while protecting your privacy, sovereignty, and intellectual property.

The Products

The Altana Atlas uses artificial intelligence to illuminate multi-tier value chain networks for the world’s most important businesses, governments, and logistics providers. Through the Atlas, these organizations build trust across the global supply chain.

Altana Atlas: Trusted Network

​​Enterprises and governments use Trusted Network to build business networks they can trust across the global supply chain.

Connect to a living, 360º view of your network

The Altana Atlas integrates all internal and external data and analytics onto your Supply Chain Source of Truth to create a dynamic view of your multi-tier value chains and extended business network — allowing you to make informed decisions on how the materials actually move from facility to facility across your supply chain network.

Build trust across your network

Trusted Network empowers you to Collaborate and Build Trust across your multi-tier network to plan supply chain activities, surface new suppliers, manage risks, and engage regulators efficiently — all through a shared source of truth.

Explore beyond your network

Search and Network Analysis tools help you explore the world’s most complete graph of global supply networks to understand value chains, surface threats, monitor focus areas, find suppliers, and more.

Altana Atlas: Trusted Shipment

For shippers, global logistics providers and customs authorities, Trusted Shipment accelerates and automates the global movement of safe and trustworthy goods.

Know every shipment

Real-Time Master Data profiling shows the businesses, locations, products, and networks associated with every shipment.

Automate manual processes

Supercharge customs brokerage, auditing, and compliance workflows with AI-Powered Customs Classification and compliance screening.

Fast-track trustworthy goods

Pre-clear customs and expedite safe and trustworthy shipments using our Trusted Shipment Ratings powered by AI that is constantly learning from billions of shipments, seizures, audits, and enforcement actions

Altana Atlas: Platform as a Service

Build Trusted Commerce solutions on the shared source of truth for the global supply chain.

You build, we power

Power your products and services with a Dedicated Copy of the Altana Atlas — all in a single-tenant, virtual private cloud environment. 

Unify and amplify your data

Through our purpose-built Supply Chain Data Platform, you can clean, standardize, de-duplicate, and link your data — bringing it all together with the Altana Knowledge Graph, the world’s most complete knowledge graph of products, value chains, ownership, and supply chain networks.

Benefit from shared intelligence

Leverage Altana’s machine learning applications and build custom models on top of the world’s most complete supply chain knowledge graph through the Analytics and Modeling Environment.